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SWFT Blockchain
3 min readDec 18, 2023

The cryptocurrency space is abuzz with updates and innovations, and SWFT Blockchain is at the forefront of this dynamic landscape. In this update, we’ll delve into the latest enhancements to SWFT AllChain Bridge, stablecoin swaps, new listing, and ongoing promotions that promise exciting opportunities for users.

SWFT AllChain Bridge Upgrade: Maximizing Gains with $TRX Staking

SWFT AllChain Bridge has taken a significant leap forward, offering users the opportunity to maximize their gains through up to 20% annualized yield with $TRX staking. This enhancement allows users to unlock maximum rewards. To get started visit

Stablecoin Swaps on SWFT Blockchain: Effortless 1:1 Exchange Rates

SWFT Blockchain supports 1:1 stablecoin swaps, allowing users to bridge $USDT into different blockchains with the help of the SWFT AllChain Bridge. This transparent conversion process ensures an easy and hassle-free experience for users.

Supported networks include ETH, BSC, OkexChain, MATIC, TRON, DOT, SUI, TT, ARB, EOS, AVAX, XTZ, and SOL.

New Listing: SWFT AllChain Bridge Supports $ETHC

SWFT AllChain Bridge now supports EtheraCoin ($ETHC) . Users can now swap or bridge $ETHC, expanding the options available for over 400 cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains. Swap now on

Ongoing Promotion:

To celebrate the listing of $ETHC, SWFT Blockchain is hosting a giveaway on Twitter from Dec. 15 to Dec. 20. Five lucky winners stand a chance to receive $20 worth of $ETHC each. Participate and seize this opportunity to be part of the thriving SWFT community.

Market Update:

OpenAI Unveils Converge 2: AI Startup Fund’s Second Wave

OpenAI has announced Converge 2, the second wave of its AI Startup Fund. Innovators worldwide — engineers, designers, researchers, and product builders — are invited to apply for a chance to be one of the 15 startups receiving a $1 million investment. This initiative aims to fuel groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence.

Taurus and Teylor Spearhead Credit Tokenization for German SMEs

Taurus and Teylor are collaborating to tokenize assets for German SMEs, offering monthly cashflows to investors. Leveraging Teylor’s expertise in digitizing SME loans and Taurus’ robust infrastructure, this partnership aims to revolutionize credit tokenization for small and medium-sized enterprises.

SEC Stands Firm on Bitcoin ETF Applicants: “Cash Redemption” Trend Emerges

Despite proposals for an “in-kind” alternative by BlackRock, Invesco, and Galaxy join the trend of adopting a cash redemption model for Bitcoin ETFs. The SEC remains steadfast in its stance, showcasing the evolving dynamics of cryptocurrency investment vehicles.

Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2: Advancements in Humanoid Robotics

Tesla’s humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2, makes strides with a 30% increase in speed, a weight reduction of 22 pounds, improved foot construction for better balance, tactile sensing on all fingers, and the ability to dance and perform squats. These advancements mark a significant leap toward the future of advanced robotics.

Chinese Ministry of Public Security Introduces RealDID: A Blockchain-Based Verification System

In China, the Ministry of Public Security reveals plans for RealDID, a blockchain-based verification system. This system aims to offer citizens secure real-name confirmation, encrypted data protection, private logins, and more, emphasizing the Chinese government’s commitment to leveraging blockchain for enhanced security and privacy.

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