Recently, the leading US based exchange — Coinbase released a blog post announcing some cryptocurrencies under consideration for listing on their platform, and guess what?

We made the list!

Yes, Coinbase is considering to list SwftCoin on their platform and you know what that means.

Over the years, Coinbase has served as an open financial system providing for users a safe environment, and opportunities to participate in projects that have had positive impacts on the crypto ecosystem.

For the second quarter of 2022, Coinbase will be listing digital assets that meet legal, compliance and technical security on their platform. This is in a bid to ensure a more transparent and informed trading.

From inception, SwftCoin which has recorded lots of success even as we continue to successfully execute all the activities on our roadmap. The success of SwftCoin is propelled by our team, our community, and the fact that we have created a real, sustainable product that transfers money safely and securely between two parties anywhere in the world.

SwftCoin was created to serve as a utility token for our platform, which aims to be the first blockchain-based one-stop remittance financial platform in the world. This means that SwftCoin has a wide range of usages on both our platform and off of it.

With a current market cap rank of #920 and #927 on Coingeko and CoinMarketCap respectively, we believe that listing SwftCoin on Coinbase will take us closer to the moon.

Although, making the list of cryptocurrency under consideration for listing on Coinbase is not a guarantee for listing on the platform, it remains a good sign for all of us. This shows us the result of our hard work and innovations collectively as a team and with great support from our dogged community of holders.

Listing SwftCoin on Coinbase will broaden the trading and distribution of SwftCoin and as well afford users the opportunity to trade SwftCoin on the Coinbase trading platform. We hope to see that come to fruition even as we are happy that our innovations and contributions are being recognized in this way.

SwftCoin is designed to solve the issues of speed, cost and compliance while transacting business. As the native coin of SWFT Blockchain, it is used in all transactions on the SWFT Blockchain ecosystem.

Based on Ethereum, it is a decentralized blockchain asset. Following ERC-20 token standard, SwftCoin has similar function with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. It is the only service token designated for the SWFT exchange and it can also be bought on many other exchange platforms.

Download our app here to buy SwftCoin on SWFT Blockchain.



The next-generation cross-chain cryptocurrency transfer protocol. Swap between hundreds of crypto directly! Learn more & download @

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SWFT Blockchain

The next-generation cross-chain cryptocurrency transfer protocol. Swap between hundreds of crypto directly! Learn more & download @