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2 min readMay 17, 2022


SWFTCoin is gaining lots of attention and it is fair to say that the native token of the SWFT Blockchain is gaining the recognition that it truly deserves.

It has proved beyond a reasonable doubt to be that token everyone should consider adding to your portfolio. If you have been following the recent developments, you will agree that SWFTCoin getting listed on five (5) different major exchanges in just two (2) months is not just great news; it is an indication that SWFTCoin is the real deal.

No cap!

SWFTC is now available on Onus, Lbank, bitmart,, and Kucoin.

In other words, you can now trade SWFTCoin any time and anywhere on these world-class digital assets trading platforms.

On Onus, you can send and receive SWFTCoin with other users in the Onus network. You can also swap from VNDC or USDT to SWFTCoin and vice versa.

The trading pairs on LBank and BitMart are SWFTC/USDT while on, in addition to trading SWFTCoin with USDT and vice versa, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) has been opened for SWFTCoin, and an AMM "liquidity-mining" rewards launched so that users who provide market liquidity by inserting liquidity in will get rewards from liquidity pool transaction fee and GT token rewards from liquidity reward pool.

Most recently, SWFTCoin was listed on KuCoin, and to celebrate this milestone we are giving away 50,000 SWFTCoins to be shared by ten (10) lucky winners as a reward for always choosing SWFT Blockchain.

The giveaway will last till the 31st day of April 2022 and the winners will be announced on the 1st day of May 2022.

You can participate in the giveaway on Twitter here.

What more should you expect from SWFTCoin?

So far, we have successfully set a high standard with SWFTCoin powering the SWFT Blockchain even as we continue to integrate more projects into our ecosystem; and with Coinbase recently hinting at the possibility of listing SWFTCoin on their platform, it can only get better even as we keep our fingers crossed.

SWFTCoin holds great potential that is beyond speculations and our team of experienced professionals is working tirelessly as always to keep innovating more ways to improve the value and utility of the SWFTCoin.

We are all gonna make it! #WAGMI

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