Libra swaps, payments, red packets and more are coming to SWFT Blockchain

At SWFT Blockchain, we are guided by the ideal of making cryptocurrency simpler, faster, and safer for more people around the world. Therefore, the Libra Association’s mission to enable a simple global payment system and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people is aligned with our values. Recent changes to the Libra whitepaper have not changed how we at SWFT Blockchain feel about Libra nor have they changed our plans to support Libra.

Following the Libra Association’s press release announcing its expansion from one multi-currency Libra Coin (≋LBR) to also launching multiple single-currency stablecoins from the multi-currency ≋LBR basket (e.g., LibraUSD or ≋USD, LibraEUR or ≋EUR, LibraGBP or ≋GBP, LibraSGD or ≋SGD), SWFT Blockchain would like to express its support for all of these initiatives.

In fact, we think SWFT Blockchain’s swap and payments expertise will provide useful tools for millions, if not billions, of Libra users around the world. Because of this, SWFT Blockchain is committed to supporting easy one-click currency swaps between Libra Coin — and all Libra single-currency stablecoins — and all the other currencies available on SWFT Blockchain. SWFT Blockchain will also allow users to send free instant Libra payments to anyone, anywhere, by just sending a link. This means that SWFT Blockchain users will be able to send and request Libra to and from friends and family over any email messaging platform, social network not just the Facebook-owned ones with Libra integrations. Finally, just like users can now shared red packets filled with the cryptocurrency of their choice with all their friends and family on social media, soon they will be able to share red packets filled with Libra currencies! With easier ways to swap, trade, and share, SWFT Blockchain will provide Libra users with a practical, all-in-one wallet solution

While the future looks bright, for now, all we can do is wait for Libra to launch, hopefully sometime this year. However, for those who may be impatient, we have added support for the Libra testnet and have added Test Libra Coins to SWFT Pay and Red Packets. Given the nature of the Test coins, these won’t be available for swaps as they have no actual value. However, if you want to give Libra a test drive, visit the links at the bottom of this article to get SWFT Blockchain. Feel free to play around with Test Libra Coin payments and red packets!

We think that once they are launched, Libra currencies will be very useful for our users from all over the world. Similarly, SWFT Blockchain’s tools will benefit any Libra user by making it easier for them to get Libra currencies and use them for payments, or simply share them! If you want to learn more about what you can do right now (and will be able to do soon with Libra) on SWFT Blockchain, read on for a short guide of three of the main features: swaps, payments, and red packets.

Making swaps, payments and red packets

How to make a swap

Swaps on SWFT Blockchain are super easy. The swap box is the first thing you’ll see on our website and app. Just pick the currency you have and the currency you want to swap to and click swap!

If you don’t want to register an account on SWFT Blockchain you can also check out how to make a decentralized swap.

How to make and request payments with SWFT Pay

With SWFT Pay you can pay your friends and family around the world in over a hundred cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dozens of stablecoins.

If you want to send a payment tap ‘Pay’ on the top right drop-down menu on your SWFT Blockchain app homepage, pick the currency and amount, add a message if you want, and click confirm. This will create a link which will be live for 48 hours. Send this link to anyone you’d like over any messaging platform, social network, or even email and as soon as they open it, they will receive the money!

You can also request a payment by tapping ‘Request’ on the same drop-down menu and selecting ‘Receive through link’ and then choosing the amount and currency you want to request. This will create a link which you can send to your clients, friends, or family where they will be guided on how to complete the payment.

How to share a red packet

Red packets are a fun and easy way of sharing cryptocurrency and the best way to introduce people to cryptocurrency. Just click ‘Red Packet’ from the drop-down menu and then select the amount and currency you want to share and the number of red packets you want to make (how many people you want to share it with). Once you create the red packet you can share it on messaging platforms, social media, or anywhere else! You can even make a QR code with the red packet link and people who scan it will receive free cryptocurrency! The options are endless!

Now get your own Test Libra Coins with this red packet and start playing around with Libra!

Download SWFT Blockchain on the iOS App Store or Google Play, or visit our Website to start playing around with the Libra Testnet!



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