SWFT AllChain Swap now supports TRON Blockchain! 3 easy steps to set up TronLink wallet in Chrome

Swap tokens on TRON Blockchain with any of 250+ supported coins on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, OKExChain, HECO, Polkadot and more!

We are excited to announce that SWFT AllChain Swap now supports TRON Blockchain!

SWFT AllChain Cross-chain Swap (Bridge): defi.swft.pro

supports over 300+ cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains. This includes all the popular currencies such as ETH, DOGE, MATIC, BNB, LINK, AAVE, UNI, SAFEMOON, CAKE, and common stable coins such as DAI, BUSD, USDT, USDC.

Supported Chains

Ethereum Chain《 — 》TRON

Polygon《 — 》TRON



OKExChain《 — 》TRON

Polkadot《 — 》TRON

Connecting to TRON Blockchain

Many decentralized mobile wallets like Trust Wallet, Token Pocket, and imToken supports TRON Blockchain.

For browsers, however, Metamask currently does not support TRON Blockchain. As a result, when you try to select the TRON blockchain on SWFT AllChain an error may appear.

In order to resolve this, follow this 3-step tutorial.

  1. Download TRON’s extension from TronLink’s website https://www.tronlink.org/. Note: the browser extension currently only supports Chrome.
  2. Once downloaded, open the extension and follow the instructions to import or create a TronLink wallet! Note: Make sure to send some TRX to this account for gas!

3. Refresh defi.swft.pro and select TronLink as your wallet.

Once selected, the wallet should connect automatically as long as you are logged into your account in the TronLink extension.

Successfully connected to TronLink Wallet.

Important note about the receiving address

One of the most common errors we have seen users make is not selecting the correct receiving address. Please make sure your receiving address is on the same blockchain or network as the cryptocurrency you swap to is on.

For example, if you are swapping from USDT on Polygon to TRX on TRON Blockchain, please make sure your receiving address is a TRON address.

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Founded in 2017, SWFT Blockchain is a next-generation, worldwide cross-chain swap protocol and payment network. SWFT Blockchain’s technology combines blockchain, machine learning and big data to enable direct swaps between over 300 cryptocurrencies. Offering a fast, affordable, and secure experience, SWFT Blockchain’s transfer protocol allows users to swap cryptocurrencies at the best rates, in record speeds and with low fees. SWFT Blockchain is currently the go-to protocol for cross-chain swaps between DeFi and CeFi currencies, stablecoins, and more. SWFT Blockchain has received funding from top VCs, including Draper Dragon and was in the first cohort of startups at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

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