SWFT version 3.0 Beta is now released!

Cross-chain wallet to secure asset safety!

Two main transaction modes:
One-click instant transfer & decentralized cross-chain swap
Satisfying different user demands

We welcome everyone to download the latest version of SWFT!

After receiving numerous amounts of feedback from fans, our SWFT Blockchain team worked day and night to develop the long expected latest version: SWFT 3.0

Brand-new user interface design

The latest UI is updated comprehensively. Background color, function layout, menu category, sensory details etc., these functions are all optimized. Clear page layout and functional buttons will improve users’ experiences.

Cross-chain Wallet

SWFT 3.0 is a rare wallet in the blockchain industry for its cross-chain functionality. It supports various blockchain currencies’ deposit and withdrawal functions, including BTC series, EOS series, ETH series etc, and it can quickly complete one-click transactions between currencies.

When users open their wallet, the asset pie charts will clearly show asset distribution for users. By clicking on one particular currency, and opening deposit and withdrawal page of that currency, users can conduct deposit and withdrawal functions and check the blockchain transaction record of each currency.

Transaction Mode

Customized service, and user-friendly transactions. One-click transaction and cross-chain transaction: two transaction modes to satisfy beginner and advanced user demands alike. Our team’s engineers multidimensional use of artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data analysis, and blockchain technology combine centralization and decentralization perfectly. These elements have led to the creation of a brand-new currency exchange App. SWFT Blockchain lowers every transactions’ cost and enhances the speed of transactions substantially.

1: One-click transaction

In-wallet transaction, and a more centralized transfer method solves the problem of time wasted due to inner-chain congestion, resulting in a user missing the most optimal price and leading to high mining fees, amount other drawbacks. our new one-click transaction function accelerates transaction speed, lowers transaction costs and making instantaneous exchange possible. This design prevents asset lost of users, saves time, and ensures the security of SWFT Blockchain users’ asset.

In-wallet transaction is easy to operate and transaction is very rapid. After users register their accounts, they can put a corresponding value of any one particular currency in their wallet. When transferring, users only need to enter the amount for currency exchange and the amount of the target currency, click on “one-click transaction” and enter one’s transaction password to start exchanging.

2: Cross-chain transactions

A completely decentralized transaction method means every transaction is a real blockchain asset transfer. It helps users to solve problems of cross-platform, cross-wallet and cross-chain currency exchange demands. The users do not need to login or add funds to their wallet to conduct cross-chain currency transactions.

All transactions are based upon real-time market prices which are readily viewable on the blockchain. Cross-chain transaction is the perfect embodiment of the ideas behind the benefits of decentralization, and it is also fulfills the custom needs of hardcore consumers of our product.

SWFT Blockchain’s Future Outlook

In the future, we will support users to become fully in control of transactions in the cross-chain transfers. Users will be able to submit their orders by limiting their orders and locking the prices of transactions. We will wait until the exchange price reaches the user's own requirements before executing the transaction for the user.

Download the app and provide constructive user feedback about this beta version and you will be rewarded with between 100 to 500 SWFTC, based on the quality of the feedback.



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