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On 26th Jan 5 PM UTC, @SoComfyDev a telegram user and member of Comfy community Joined SWFT Blockchain for an AMA. This comes before the Listing of $COMFY on SWFT platforms. Below is the conversation from that AMA.

Q & A

Q: Before we start the AMA, Can you please tell us more about yourself?what’s your background and how did you land in web3?

@SoComfyDev: I’m @socomfydev, representing the SOCOMFY Project ($COMFY) in the Solana Ecosystem. It’s genuinely exciting to be here among you, showcasing our comfiest community.

I am 28 years old (my goodness, how time flies!) now. I have been in the crypto field for almost 10 years. I have several skills and knowledge in development, especially in the DeFI domain. I wanted to create a cohesive, active, transparent community. Because these are the values I share.

I also want to express my appreciation for every individual in our community. They’re not only incredibly smart but also kind and patient — attributes that truly make our community a comfortable and supportive space.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the SoComfy Token and what inspired its creation within the Solana Ecosystem?

If I had to sum up COMFY in one sentence, it would be this: We aspire to be the comfiest community meme coin in the cryptosphere.🛋️🛋️

Beyond the “hype” lies a rational approach and clear goals, including:

1) Cultivating a meme culture and fostering creativity within our community.

2) Providing highly liquid, easily accessible, and well-documented assets (everyone deserves to be comfy!

3) Offering innovative services such as COMFYBot and future ventures like COMFYHedge, designed to benefit many users. The $COMFY token will be essential for our ecosystem to thrive.

I believe this project resonates with many members because I’m willing to bet that each person in this group has a personal story in the cryptosphere where they’ve been scammed, lied to, or manipulated. We are simply trying to do the things properly to build a comfy place (That might sound utopian, but what could we build without dreams?) and I guess that’s what the community likes!

Q: The website emphasizes that SoComfy is 100% community-driven. How does this approach impact the development and governance of the token?

I believe that our community members can attest to the priority we place on their needs and feedback. As the founder, I am fully committed to our members’ satisfaction and accessibility. My DMs are always open, ready to receive any realistic suggestions or concerns from our community members. It’s essential to me to maintain this accessibility because it allows us to address issues promptly and ensure everyone feels heard.

We’ve taken proactive measures to safeguard our community, whether it’s from bots during airdrops or scams during marketing campaigns. While these tasks can be time-consuming, the support and appreciation from our community make every effort worthwhile. It’s a collaborative effort to create a safe and thriving environment for everyone involved.🔰
Moreover, we’ve tried to come with the best tokenomics to serve our community. Transparency is key in our approach, ensuring that every member understands and participates in our journey toward creating the most beneficial ecosystem for all.

Q: You mention a unique concept called “Comfynomics” with features like no presale, no ICO, and no buy/sell tax. Could you elaborate on how these elements contribute to the stability and growth of the SoComfy Token?

In many projects, the potential for organic growth can be stifled by the presence of ICOs or VCs constantly selling tokens, which can create instability and uncertainty for newer members. One of the beauties of crypto is the freedom it provides for individuals to buy and sell according to their own preferences. We cannot stop the bot actions ofc, but at least but we can certainly control the initial distribution process.

However, with SOCOMFY, we’ve prioritized fairness and transparency from the outset.

We believe that every community member deserves their buy position, and we’ve structured our project accordingly. Knowing that the rules are fair and equitable from the beginning fosters a sense of trust and investment in the community, allowing everyone to participate confidently in the project’s growth and success.

This is why we’ve had a very clear distribution of the tokens from the beginning!

Q: The website outlines a specific distribution of the tokens, including allocations for the CEO/CEX, OG Airdrop, and the COMFY Treasury. How do these allocations support the long-term objectives of SoComfy?

@SoComfyDev:🔝This strict allocation, growing with our market capitalization, will help us achieve our step by step goals, matching with the volumes and the demand.

For instance, we aimed to allocate 3x25% each of our maximum token supply to the most pivotal LP Pools in the Sol ecosystem (Raydium, Orca & and burn everything. All the txs can be verified through Solscan.

Initially, some members expressed skepticism since these wallets were fully unlocked. However, over those intense weeks, we diligently adhered to our plan: adding to the pools and burning tokens. To date, $85K worth of tokens have been burnt, mostly funded from our personal funds. (The Orca one has been financed with an IDO)

The OG Airdrop constituted 5% of our total supply. Interestingly, only a few wallets sold this Airdrop

For someone new to cryptocurrency, how user-friendly is the process of acquiring and using SoComfy Tokens? Can you walk us through the steps?

We will have numerous videos, tutorials, and documentation available for $COMFY.

As we mentioned earlier, our ultimate goal is to transform $COMFY into a highly liquid token, easily accessible, and well-documented.

We aim for newcomers coming to this wild, dangerous & hard-to-learn crypto space to find purchasing and understanding Comfy straightforward. In this regard, we extend our gratitude to SWFT BLOCKCHAIN for contributing to this vision.

Your swaps are remarkably simple and facilitate bridging Comfy with numerous other assets. Thank you for your invaluable support!

Tutorial Link:

Q: What are the future plans or upcoming developments for SoComfy? Are there any new features or partnerships in the pipeline?

Absolutely! First, our SWFT <==> COMFY collab holds immense potential for our users and opens up exciting possibilities.

Our first product, COMFYBot, has already been released in its initial version, and we’re committed to rapidly enhancing its features over time.

As big Telegram groups begin to utilize our bot services, it will naturally generate significant marketing exposure for us.
In addition, we’re gearing up to amplify our marketing efforts. While our community thrives on comfort from within, it’s equally important to showcase this warmth and inclusivity to the world outside. By spreading the word about our unique community and products, we aim to expand our reach and invite more individuals to experience the comfort and camaraderie that defines us.

Lately, we’ve initiated discussions with several CEXs. My motto is always to deliver and not generate hype for nothing. But I am confident that within 2 weeks, we will be listed on a CEX with good trading volumes. CMC is also on the radar.

Q: Do you have plans to create physical merchandise?

It’s quite amusing because when we introduced SOCOMFY, that was one of the things that crossed our minds.

Shortly after our launch, our community echoed the same sentiment! So, without a doubt, COMFY products are on the horizon. We’ve reached out to a reputable company (The Comfy) and initiated discussions for a potential mutually beneficial collaboration.

However, if that doesn’t materialize, we’re prepared to develop our own merchandise — whether it’s cozy blankets, socks, comfymugs, or anything else that aligns with the community’s comfort preferences!

Lemme show you some ideas…:

Attention, these are just examples provided by the community (@Gladharim you’re insane!). However, we will make this vision a reality.

But if we had to make a 1st product, it would be OUR blanket first, ofc!!!

We firmly believe that our project has the potential to extend beyond the crypto space. Imagine children cherishing their cozy, soft toys — it’s just one example of the impact we envision reaching beyond traditional boundaries.

Q: How does SoComfy engage with its community, and what role does the community play in decision-making processes?

In our community-meme project, we firmly believe that our community members are the heart and soul of what we do. 🤝💙

As just one member among many, I’m constantly amazed by the brilliant ideas we receive from our diverse community on a daily basis. While it’s not always easy to meet everyone’s needs, we’re committed to listening and doing our best to accommodate everyone.🥂

We already announced our plans to create a DAO. This initiative will allow us to incorporate community feedback directly into our decision-making processes, right from the heart of our project’s code.

Plus, it’ll help us manage our treasury wallet in a way that’s transparent and inclusive, ensuring that every voice counts as we move forward together.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities you foresee for SoComfy in the current cryptocurrency landscape?

🤝Biggest opportunities first:
To be honest, only the future will reveal all the opportunities. The possibilities are boundless, as we aren’t just a “fork of a fork of a fork.” We’re a new community meme token with a fresh approach.

❗️Biggest challenges: As the community grows, we sincerely hope to maintain this comfortable environment that holders are currently enjoying (relaxed conversations on Telegram, a close-knit community, no spammers, no racial distinctions, a good looking chart..). It feels quite rare! While we are currently about 500 holders, we’ll need to uphold the same atmosphere when we’re ten times larger.

What are the best places to join the Comfy community?
📌Here are all of our vibrant communities!

CA: FbJpd8yhrGGkWVL1Ujf7qFvTw4uD4675k8CYk82LEKvZ

Website :







It’s amazing to see how quickly our presence is expanding. Comfy will be soon everywhere, spreading its warmth and charm across all social platforms. Stay tuned as we continue to grow and connect with more Comfy enthusiasts around the world!🛋🦥😌😌

Many thanks SWFT for this AMA Kev and all the @swft Team.

We truly cannot wait for SO COMFY to be available on your Blockchain.

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