The Difficulties Delaying the Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency and How SWFT Blockchain is Changing the Narrative.

SWFT Blockchain
4 min readApr 29, 2022


It is no news that cryptocurrency adoption worldwide has faced several challenges. These challenges have been proposed by regulating bodies, the government, and influential investors, backed by several significant reasons. But has this stopped people from diving into the industry and experiencing the immense transformation this digital exchange system provides?


While there are still speculations and debates over crypto adoption worldwide, the industry has seen significant growth. Its adoption has skyrocketed over the years, and this is reflected by the number of coins bought and the increasing number of users of countless new soft wallets daily.

But, in a hurry to plunge into the goodies crypto has to offer, many users have neglected the necessities that should be observed before getting into this space and are proving the anti-crypto forces correct. Essentials like being security conscious, having a sound understanding of how the crypto space works, understanding the interface of multiple blockchain applications for practical usage, swapping and safely monitoring transactions over several blockchain apps, etc.

We have resolved all these difficulties, and that’s why our cross-chain wallet and payment application — SWFT Blockchain, is here to stay.

SWFT Blockchain is an all-in-one next-generation platform that provides an open digital finance (digital asset and financial data) system, built together on a single network to carry out interoperability operations involving token and coin swaps at record speed and meager cost.

Apart from our earnest desires to improve the crypto space and DeFi community, our next-generation decentralized application has provided features that would revolutionize transaction processes and trading experience for regular traders and newbies in the crypto space.

The Uniqueness of SWFT Platforms That Encourages Crypto Adoption

The uniqueness of SWFT Blockchain cannot be found in the variants of wallets out there.

We saw the need to significantly improve the efficiency and speed of single and multiple transaction processes and several other challenges that plagued the crypto industry.

These daily challenges, like high investment risks due to price volatility of gas fees and security of apps, inadequate market depth, and low inventory capacities, are the most frequent challenges the cryptocurrency industry faces.

Luckily, we have created a decentralized platform that has resolved all the above challenges while providing our users with a swift, user-centric trading interface.

What’s more?

SWFT combines elements of big data with the blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide a platform where users can swiftly pay, swap, and perform other transactions on over 600+ digital currencies with the lowest fees you’ve ever come across.

Our cross-chain swap aggregator also supports mainstream NFT projects and trading platforms for everyone interested in the NFT world.
“Cross-chain swapping” helps users instantly exchange several tokens on our platform, eliminating the stress of toggling between Blockchain apps and saving up gas fees used to finalize exchanges on blockchain apps. This means that compatible tokens can be directly swapped between unique blockchain ecosystems, e.g., ERC-20 for BSC tokens.

We have also incorporated a high level of cybersecurity into these processes, which has given different industry stakeholders the confidence to approve our project.

Our SWFT Blockchain Android and iOS apps can safely smart-pair potential buyers and sellers in the market and ensure stress-free and instant transactions. This convenience provided by the cross-chain technology and artificial intelligence feature ensures that our platform gives users higher efficiency and trust when multiple, heavy transactions are involved.

Additional Benefits of Using the SWFT Blockchain

Apart from providing our users with an uncommon level of convenience and relatively reduced fees, here are other reasons why we believe SWFT is changing the narrative that affects the general adoption of cryptocurrency:

  1. Exchange Discounts: Users of our in-built mobile wallets on the apps receive discounts when they hold the SWFT token (SWFTCoin). This token can be saved or utilized during other transactions.
  2. Liquidity: The smart-pairing algorithm adds liquidity to the market by safely linking and ensuring seamless transactions between buyers and sellers. This, in turn, provides more liquidity for the SWFTCoin token as our users increasingly use it for daily transaction processes.
  3. Centralized currency: Our $SWFTC token is used as a unified currency for payment across several financial or payment companies, with a guaranteed level of security. This implies that it is a central mode of payment during transactions.

We are working tirelessly to actualize our goals, creating global expansion and revolutionizing the mindset of everyone to see the great benefits of investing in blockchain and crypto projects.

Our recent move to create AMAs has seen an overwhelming result in contributing to the growth and adoption of cryptocurrency projects. We have helped the industry stakeholders, investors, regular crypto traders, and experts get familiar with the blockchain community by responding to and asking vital questions in real-time. These sessions re-educate the minds of everyone and also provide some level of trust and transparency for the community at large.


SWFT Blockchain’s presence in the crypto market has brought many into the consciousness of what to do with the blockchain and DeFi community, what to invest in, how to invest with ease, and the need to adopt cryptocurrency as a means of digital exchange, and so on.

We will not relent. Our passion for market expansion and global outreach is why we are so invested in providing our best and premium offers to the African crypto industry. Partnering with several top crypto projects and investors helped us see the bigger picture.

Stay tuned for more updates and the new release of some more outstanding features on the SWFT platform.

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