The Difficulties Delaying the Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency and How SWFT Blockchain is Changing the Narrative.

The Uniqueness of SWFT Platforms That Encourages Crypto Adoption

Additional Benefits of Using the SWFT Blockchain

  1. Exchange Discounts: Users of our in-built mobile wallets on the apps receive discounts when they hold the SWFT token (SWFTCoin). This token can be saved or utilized during other transactions.
  2. Liquidity: The smart-pairing algorithm adds liquidity to the market by safely linking and ensuring seamless transactions between buyers and sellers. This, in turn, provides more liquidity for the SWFTCoin token as our users increasingly use it for daily transaction processes.
  3. Centralized currency: Our $SWFTC token is used as a unified currency for payment across several financial or payment companies, with a guaranteed level of security. This implies that it is a central mode of payment during transactions.




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