The Establishment of SWFT JAPAN Co., Ltd.

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4 min readFeb 17, 2018

The SWFT team has been planning for and preparing the creation of the Japanese SwftCoin for a long time. Among many measures, we have implemented Japaneseas one of the language options in SWFT’s official website (

The Japanese version of SWFT’s website

SWFT JAPAN Co., Ltd. is established

On January 18th, 2018, SWFT JAPAN Co., Ltd is set up in Tokyo, significantly expanding SWFT’s international market.

SWFT’s Office in Tokyo

Japan is a major player in the development of blockchain technology and digital currencies. The country has one of the highest acceptance rates by citizens and the government in the digital currency world market. Japan was the first country to recognize Bitcoin asan assetand to start issuing licenses for digital currency exchanges. Italso promotes discussions, like Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin to buy houses and cars,about the practicalapplication of digital currencies. SWFT and SwftCoin will boost their development in this land full of opportunities for blockchain.

SWFT Japan’s CEO, Mr. おのしけん.

Mr. おのしけん declared that SWFT, as the next generation of global transfer platforms, drives innovation to today’s exchanges. Countries have different attitudes and policies regarding the blockchain technology. As the most significant demand in the market is for digital currencies transfer service in smallamounts, SWFT plans to adapt to individual markets to meet their respective requirements and be a leading supplier of this service.

There is an overload of news flowing through the media on a daily basis,and it is hard to keep track of each new trend of information. This is why SWFT’s platform offers users real-time responses, protecting investors’ digital assets during any transfers.

SWFT’s Meeting at Tokyo’s Office.

SWFT Japan’s team will work closely with the headquarters in the United States and China the SWFT’s global community. As SWFT’s IOS application has been officially released, its Japanese version will be launched soon. The SWFT team is focusing all of their efforts on making SWFT’s platform a world-class application.

Partnership and Development

After launching in Japan, the SWFT team made immediate contact with many Financial institutions in the country to discuss future collaborations.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (株式会社みずほ銀行 Kabushiki-gaisha Mizuho Ginkō) is the integrated retail and corporate banking unit of the Mizuho Financial Group, one of the largest financial services companies in Japan, with total assets of approximately $1.64 trillion in 2014. Mizuho Bank has over 505 branches and offices in Japan and in thirty-six other countries and territories. It is the only bank to have branches in every prefecture of Japan.

The SWFT team met the president of the Tokyo branch and introduced him to SWFT’s business model and roadmap. Representatives of Mizuho Bank demonstrated great interest in the blockchain technology and the idea of SWFT’s transfer agreement.

The president of Mizuho Bank in Tokyo appreciated the business model of SWFT and promoted an in-depth discussion about the SWFT’s technology and future cooperations with the SWFT team.

The SWFT team visited Mizuho Bank in Tokyo.

On January 19th, 2018, the SWFT team was invited to attend the “Chinese Chamber Of Commerce Spring Festival in Japan,” in Tokyo. During the meeting, the SWFT team discussed future cooperation opportunities with many brokerages and investment institutions in Tokyo, looking for business development applications besides SWFT’s platform.

We are looking forward to the future performance of SWFT and SwftCoin.

SWFT’s team on Chinese Chamber Of Commerce Spring Festival in Japan.

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SWFT Platform

SWFT is a user-friendly cross-blockchain cryptocurrency transfer platform that focuses on providing the user with fast and secure services. SWFT is currently available in APP, website and API formats. By leveraging artificial Intelligence, big data, and blockchain technologies, SWFT integrates the world’s major exchanges to effectively hedge risksand provide customers with an efficient and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transfers. SwftCoin is SWFT’s proprietary token utilized to facilitate transfers transparently.


SwftCoin is a decentralized blockchain asset. Following ERC-20 token standard by Ethereum, SwftCoin performs similar functions to Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. It can be used to trade, receive and distribute dividends. SwftCoin is the only service token designated for the SWFT exchange, but it can also be purchased on a variety of global exchanges as well as used for transactions on the OTC Market.

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