There’s a SWFT HARVEST in Binance’s Chinese Spring Festival Event!

🌱Spring is coming a little earlier than usual to SWFT Blockchain!🌱

And with it, free BNB. Binance is doing a huge airdrop and as Binance’s partner, SWFT Blockchain is proud to participate. We are also happy for you, as this means you get free BNB just for using SWFT Blockchain’s newest feature, our decentralized wallet. Read on to find out how to get BNB (it’s pretty easy).

  1. Open the SWFT Blockchain app. Available on iOS and Android.
  2. Tap “Wallet”
  3. Make sure you’re in the “Decentralized Wallet” section
  5. Upload a screenshot of your new BSC wallet and paste your address here

That’s it! The first 5,000 people to complete the steps above will get BNB airdropped to their new wallet 2 days after the event ends!

Any questions? Ask away in the SWFT Blockchain Telegram channel.
To stay updated on everything happening at SWFT, follow us on Twitter!



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