ZG.TOP interviews SWFT about One-Click, Cross-Chain cryptocurrency transfers

Guest Introduction:
Sifan Sun, Operation Manager at SWFT Blockchain
A Bachelor of Management from the East China University of Science and Technology, Sun has 4-year of experience in the Blockchain Industry, having served as GooCoin’s Operations and BD Manager, and as SWFT Blockchain’s Product and BD Manager. Sun possesses an extensive background in Blockchain product design and management and is now building up a development framework for SWFT Blockchain’s product. He also participates in designing and extending SWFT Blockchain’s business model and provides managerial support for SWFT Blockchain’s global community.

ZG.TOP host: What is SWFT Blockchain’s solution?

Sun: SWFT Blockchain was established in the autumn of 2017 as a solution for faster and safer cross-chain transactions. SWFT Blockchain decreases the friction caused by Blockchain operability and price differences to promote Blockchain 3.0 and the token economy’s development. SWFT is a One-Click, Cross-Chain currency transfer wallet. We have not implemented complete decentralization, as it would be less efficient and suitable for the needs of our current users. We provide, therefore, decentralized transfers as well as centralized protection and service.

SWFT Wallet

ZG.TOP host: Is SWFT an Exchange?

Sun: SWFT Blockchain and Exchanges are complementary services. By using AI algorithms, SWFT searches in multiple exchanges for an optimal transaction to provide users with. At the same time, we focus on high-frequency, small-amount transfers. Users can select any trading pair among our 34 cryptocurrencies and make transfers in 15 seconds, reducing risks through higher transaction speed.

ZG.TOP host: How is SWFT convenient?

Sun: SWFT is designed to avoid all sorts of inconveniences. No price comparison or price limit, no deposit or withdrawal verification, plus the lowest transaction fees. Users significantly save both time and money. Even if a given trading pair is not available at other exchanges, SWFT can still make the transaction happen. In the simplest way, that is, users only see their token A transferring into token B, we are making high-level calculations to help them find the best dealing price.

ZG.TOP host: What is SWFT’s advantage in comparison to competitors?

Sun: Firstly, SWFT offers a wallet that supports various tokens, including BTC, ETH, EOS, and USDT. While most wallets in the market limit deposits, withdrawals, and transactions, to the ETH series, SWFT Blockchain users can exchange any two tokens among the 34 coins on the SWFT app. As we perform transfers among any two chains, we are officially providing cross-chain services.
Besides, our transaction fees are fixed at 0.05%, and it can be paid in SwftCoin — SWFT Blockchain’s published token — which allows us to offer the lowest costs.
Lastly, the transfer process does not require manual operations. Our AI-based system automatically calculates the best price for transactions and sends it directly to users, guaranteeing the fastest service and best transfer ratio.

ZG.TOP host: How does SWFT ensure the safety of the app?

Sun: We have established cooperative partnerships with many blockchain security companies, accounting for cold and hot token pools separately. Safety always comes first for us.

ZG.TOP host: Nowadays, there are plenty of exchanges that promote the slogan, “trading is mining and getting bonuses.” Will SWFT also adopt this perspective?

Sun: We will also implement similar activities, as long as it does not become a price war. In fact, we already work with a “trading is mining” mindset. The transaction fee for exchanges is usually around 0.2–0.3%, but as I said before, we only require 0.05%. We believe that in the early stages of a company, it is essential to share benefits with users to keep long-term relationships.

ZG.TOP host: How are the community development and wallet download going?

Sun: SWFT Blockchain’s headquarter is in Silicon Valley, and the company also has offices in Japan and China. We currently manage communities in 6 languages — soon in 7 with the addition of Indonesian. The number of SWFT wallet downloads nears 400,000, while the amount of active users is between 20,000 and 40,000.

ZG.TOP host: Can you summarize SWFT’s project development and plans for the future?

Sun: We have now updated the SWFT app more than 30 times to improve all the features. In the second half of this year, SWFT will focus on upgrading the SWFT wallet and listing new tokens. On this note, we welcome everyone to recommend us high-performance coin so that we can reach our goal of 100 tokens by the end of the year.

ZG.TOP host: Good, thank you for sharing so much about SWFT with us. Let’s promote the development of the Blockchain industry together!

Sun: Thank you, ZG.TOP, for giving us such an excellent platform to share our experience. Let’s spread the word about SWFT and Blockchain technology.

ZG.TOP host: If you have any further questions, contact the SWFT Blockchain team.

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